Welcome to Besegra

We're a Midlands based provider of accredited and bespoke training packages for multiple industries with the capacity, capability and experience of national delivery.  Come in, have a look around and see how Besegra can help you.

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What Do We Do?

The team at Besegra have existed within the training world for a number of years delivering different specialist subjects on various platforms. Now operating under one combined entity, our aim is to provide high a quality of training delivery and support across a variety of industries which is accessible to those at all levels.

Specialist industry background is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment is that all training provided by us will be delivered by trainers with an extensive and current involvement witin their subject area who have the passion and ability to share their experiences with our learners.

As a training provider, we recognise the need for ongoing help and support, this is why we have facilitated the delivery of specialist subjects on behalf of our Education and Training learners who have the desire to deliver their specialist subjects. Please contact us and ask how we can help you share your knowledge, passion and experiences with others.

Our 'Options Academy' programme affords us relationships with a broard spectrum of local employers across numerous industries. Where an introduction can be made, we will endeavour to do our part in helping our learners forge new relationships and take their next step. 


Train the Trainer

Are you the 'go to' person at work to train the new staff? Ever wanted to train people to do what you do? Are you interested in the learning cycle? Do you aspire to challenge yourself? If so, why not develop and formalise your skills by completing the level 3 Award in Education and Training. 

With this qualification, occupational competence and a little bit of confidence, you could be inspirning the next generation of trainers to share their knowledge and experiences with other adults helping them develop and grow as professionals.

Earn from your training

Being a ‘trainer’ doesn’t have to be a full time job. There are many who do it to supplement their existing income or do it just because they have a passion for the subject. To deliver training to other adults, there are many, often complex requirements, which must be met.

Here at Besegra, we are happy to assist you in realising your goals of teaching others by adding your specialist subject to our centre. This will allow you, under the guidance of our experts, to deliver your subject as a freelance trainer without constraint.  

Unlock your Potential

Here at Besegra we can offer advice and support to help you take the next step in realising your potential. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take your first step into employment, if you have barriers which have held you back or if you already have a defined career path. We will endeavour to provide you with the advice and support to help you progress.

For an informal chat, for specific advice or  to discuss your options, give one of our tutors a call who will be able to give you honest and straightforward advice.

New Qualification Released!

Do you work in Enforcement or do you want to? Check out our courses for Enforcement Agents


Our Qualifications and Delivery

Here at Besegra, we are pleased to be able to offer varied delivery models to suit your individual and organisational needs. Like other training providers, we can offer accredited and non-accredited courses. Unlike other providers, we won’t try and pass off our non-accredited courses as something they’re not. 

Regulated Qualifications

We are pleased to be able deliver a selection of courses which are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). To certificate these qualifications we use of a number of Awarding Organisations, as such we are subject to stringent quality assurance processes.

In-house Training 

We currently offer in-house training to a number of organisations and institutes across different sectors. This is often a more cost effective way of upskilling an existing workforce or using it as a stepping stone to a regulated qualification. These are subject to our internal quality assurance processes.  

Bespoke Training

There may be occasions where an ‘off the shelf’ training package doesn’t meet your needs. We are pleased to have written regulated qualification framework courses and set up many bespoke training packages. As with the regulated and in-house training,  these are subject to stringest quality assurance processes.